Counter-Snap screws for between the joist-hardwood floors

Counter-Snap screws for between the joist-hardwood floors
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Product Description

The Counter-Snap screws are designed to bind the hardwood floor and the subfloor together, stopping the movement and squeaks, then snap at the score that is set 1/4 inch below the hardwood flooring. Just fill the small hole with a wood filler to conceal it and you're done.

We make two screws to stop floor squeaks in hardwood floors. One screw is designed for use at the joist. This screw has two diferent pitches separated by a section where there is no thread. By having the screw designed this way we are able to have the screw pull the hardwood and subfloor tight to the joist.

The joist screw won't work between the joist because the separation of thread is greater than the thickness of the hardwood flooring and the sub-floor. I know this seems confusing but it means that thread is only in the hardwood and not the sub-floor so it cannot stop the movement.

We designed the Counter-Snap screws for between the joist to have thread in both boards at the same time. We use our weight to push the floor and subfloor together. The fixture then forces the head to snap off 1/4 inch below the top of the wood flooring. The video below helps to explain how the screws work.

The Counter-Snap package includes 50 scored screws, a snap off fixture, a square headed driver bit and complete instructions. For additional screws, order the Squeeeeek No More scored screws. They come in packs of 50, 250 or 500.

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Patrick O'Berry