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The Squeeeeek No More kit is designed to stop squeaks in carpeted floors from above the floor by going through the carpet. The tool is the most cost effective tool for stopping squeaks in carpeted floors.

*** We have updated our kit with a redesigned screw. The screw starts with 8 threads per inch then switches to 9 threads per inch one inch up from the tip, continuing to the score. The changing pitch pulls the flooring down tight to the joist as it moves through the floor board into the joist. The video below shows how the tool works and how to find the joist from above the floor.

***We have also included in the Squeeeeek No More kit a fixture for use in stopping squeaks in Hardwood and Linoleum floors. If you have squeaks in carpeted floors and hardwood or linoleum you only need the Squeeeeek No More kit to solve the problems.

If you have problems with squeaks in hardwood floors alone, the Squeeeeek No More Kit for Wood Floors is what you need. The fixture has two openings. The shorter opening is used for hardwoods and allows the screw to snap off automatically. For softwoods you will use the taller opening and then break the head of the screw off using the gripper portion of the fixture.

The last video shows how to stop squeaks in linoleum floors. Because linoleum is flexible it allows the screw to push the material to the side as the screw goes down. The screw snaps off 1/5 of an inch below the surface. The material then expands back over the hole, nearly concealing it.

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